Saturday, May 3, 2014

22 Months Old! (slightly late)

My little man turned 22 months this past Sunday. Not too much has changed over the past month. He is still very much into books and asks us to read to him all the time. He is also very active, keeping both mommy and daddy on their toes. He is growing non-stop and has probably shot up another 1/4 inch this past month. His feet also keep growing and he is up to a size 8 shoe.

We have recently seen the speech therapist from Birth-to-three and have set up a plan. She explained to me that he "knows how to play me" and that I also should be giving him more choices. My "homework" is to make a book of photos of common things (the cat, the park, the car, mommy, daddy, etc) and this is suppose to encourage him to point at what he wants.

New Words: Liam has learned how to say "who's there?" while pretending to be on the telephone. He also (starting yesterday) correctly says Ut-oh (which is very exciting) again, however since re-learning it, he will saying it over and over and over. I have also figured out that "ma" means up.  If I asked him "Do you want to be picked up?" He will put his arms up and say "Ma". If we sing the clean-up song, he will say "ummmm ma, ummmmm ma" for clean-up, clean-up.

Health update: Liam is overall healthy, however he does have a slight cold again. I am not sure if it actually is a cold or just bad allergies. I plan to bring this up to his pediatrician. I have started Liam on gummy vitamins and he has gotten better at letting me brush his teeth.

Health update on me: All my blood work came back excellent and my doctor was very impressed. The only things to slightly worry about was my C3 blood test, my ANA blood test and protein urine test. The Complement C3 blood test, according to the national library of medicine, is a blood test that measures the activity of a certain protein that is part of the complement system. The complement system is a group of proteins that move freely through your bloodstream. The proteins work with your immune system and play a role in the development of inflammation. My C3 was low which is common with SLE lupus patients. My ANA score came back elevated, which just means that my lupus is very so slightly active and I still had protein in my urine (but only 30mg!). All in all, nothing to worry about.

Easter: Easter was quiet. The week before we went and saw the Easter Bunny, which Liam wanted no part of. They also had a petting zoo (see below) which he did enjoy. The day of Easter was nice, and we did a tiny Easter egg hunt for him. This turned into six tiny Easter eggs hunts. He loved going around and collecting all the eggs. Sadly, the day after Easter, my husband's grandmother passed. She was a wonderful, sweet woman who lived to be 91. We went down later that week to attend the funeral and spend time with family. It was a nice gathering, and although it was due to sad circumstances, it was nice to visit with everyone. Liam loved seeing everyone and even got a hair-cut at a Salon (which he screamed the entire time).

Peapod update: I have been using peapod for about a month now and I can say that there are things that I LOVE and things that I HATE.
  • I love that it saves me time, money, and so far (knock on wood), everything has been fresh. I love being able to match up coupons (now that I have the time) and get money off my order from online coupon codes.
  • I hate that there are times that my item is out of stock, and so I have to go to another store to pick them up. I hate that there are certain items not available, especially when I have a coupon for them.  And I hate all the plastic bags that I get.
Summer Plans: So far the summer plans are the same. We plan to start him on swimming lessons this summer, get him outside as much as possible and keep him busy. My summer plans? Staying healthy!

 Below are some other photos from the month:
Liam playing with a little boy at the library. The little boy on the right is 2.5 but they look like they could be twins.
Liam and daddy spending some quality time together
A couple weeks ago, we went for a walk on a local trail that encircled a lake. Liam had a blast on the trails.