Tuesday, May 27, 2014

23 Months old!: Speech therapy, New words, Mom's group

Liam turned 23 months today! It's been a busy month, for both Liam and I. I am officially done with work for the summer, Liam's last day at daycare is this Thursday and we have been going here and there to either play dates, the park, shopping or just a ride in the car.
Liam Health Update: Liam has had what I thought were allergies for over 6 weeks now. I took him to the doctor who told me that it was indeed allergies and to give him allergy medicine. One week later and he still have a runny nose and cough. If things don't improve next week, I plan to take him back to see if he  may need antibiotics. His eczema has gotten bad as well. I have been putting aquaphor on it almost every night and this is something I plan to bring up to his doctor at his 2 year visit.

Speech Therapy: Two weeks ago, Wednesday, Liam had behavioral therapy. The lady came over and played games with Liam, while trying to engage in eye contact. She was concerned about his lack of eye contact. Last Friday, we had the actual speech therapist come. She also played games with Liam and also was concerned about his lack of eye contact. They both suggested that getting him to look at the person offering a toy or a game is the first step in communication. The second lady was impressed when Liam (with out being prompted) took out a little dolly toy from my purse, put it on a neighboring chair, and turned around and said shhhhhh with his finger to his mouth. I said "Oh look, hes telling us the baby is sleeping." She, however, was not impressed with the video of Liam saying "I can do this". She believes that we are imagining what we want to hear him say but to encourage any "babbling" that sounds audible. I was not very happy with her response and hope that these next couple of weeks are more productive. 
New Words: Over the last month, Liam has really began to pick up some words. He can say:
aci= paci
addy= daddy
bu-ble or bu bu ble= bubble
ba= ball
dare= there
right dare (high pitch voice)= right there
ine (hits his chest)= mine
ooof= woof (dog bark)
eeooowww= meow (cat sound)
wow (soft whisper)= wow
oos dare?= whose there?

Mom's Group: Over the past two weeks, I have been attending a mom's group for my area. They get together at playgrounds and other children's activities and everything is organized on Facebook. It's been really great and I even had a chance to go out to dinner (Buffalo Wild Wings) with them all. I signed Liam up for a Discovery Nature class about 20 minutes from our house (starts in July) and I am hoping that this summer is going to be a thousand times better than last summer.

Daycare: Liams last two days of daycare are this week. I am grateful that I wont have to make the drive up there, I am sad that he will be away from his friends for the summer. He has so much fun while he is there that I hope spending time at home will live up to this toddlers expectations. Liam will return to daycare in September.

Updates on the House and Hubby: The house is slowly coming together. Steve has been working non-stop on the parlor room to get it all finished. We have a wall (YEY!) and he has been taking the paint off of the wood fireplace (don't worry, all non-leaded paint). He is also getting lead-abated certified next month so that when he works on the windows, it will give me (his ever so nagging wife) peace of mind that lead wont get into the house and Liam wont get sick again.  He passed his exam that he was studying endlessly for and is now officially a Professional Engineer (PE)! We are thrilled! As far as outside, Steve has tackled the poison ivy patch and we are planing on putting up a raised bed garden in its place (either this year or next).

 Memorial Day: Last year we took Liam to the memorial day parade for the first time (see here).. this year was his second time and he loved it! The kids in the parade threw candy, which I gathered up into a lunch bag for my husband or myself to eat. I did give Liam 1 piece of chocolate and he really liked that. While watching the parade, he was waving and clapping. It was very cute.

This is really turning out to be a start of a great summer. I have lots of plans and I hope that I will be able to accomplish most, if not, all of them. I can't believe that the next "age update" will be 2 years!