Thursday, June 6, 2013

49 Weeks: Standing , Kitty, Poison Ivy

 This past Wednesday Liam turn 49 weeks and is exactly 3 weeks shy of his first birthday. We have had a rough couple of days but he is learning so much that it may be overwhelming him. He can now stand on his own in short bursts. Today he learned to stand and then lunge at me, and was quite proud of himself!

Crawling: He is definitely crawling a lot more now. His favorite mode of transport is still army crawling but every once in a while, he will bounce onto his knees and off he goes. 

Words: He has momma and dadda down very well. Sometimes he will say daddy (never mommy) and I swear he is either saying kitty, cat or kitty-cat. He talks up a storm of baby babble and although hard to make out any tangible words, its so damn cute.

Food: Boy can my boy eat! He loves his fruit and i have bought those Dole fruit cups (I think its Dole. I could run down and look in my cupboard but I really don't want to get out of bed. Yea... I know. ) that come with fruit in fruit juice. I always drain out the juice and he can eat an entire cup. He loves the apples and pears, though I tend to find bits of hard pear in the container that he cant really chew well (I get to eat those pieces). I also bought mandarin oranges but he hasn't had them yet. Oranges are not recommended until 1 year due to the acidity, however it all depends on the baby. Tonight was his first real acidic food (tomatoes). He had homemade lasagna and he liked it (not as much as his fruit but much more so than peas).

I read that you are suppose to wait till 1 year with strawberries but thankfully I haven't had any allergy issues with them. He LOVES them and its such an easy fruit for him to pick up and eat.

Besides his fruit, he loves his cheerios. He has this wonderful habit of saying "mmmmmmmmmm" while he is eating.   And he is saying mmmmmmmmmmm alot.

Sippy Cup: Well since my last post he has had two sippy cups of breast milk. Both went ok and he finished the entire cup (though it took him about 45 minutes). I also discovered that he likes his milk COLD, which I find very odd. I heated up his first bottle and he didn't touch it. I put it in the fridge, let it cool, gave it to him 30 minutes later and he loved it. I am also giving him water (1-3oz) in his sippy cup too.

 This last week we both got poison ivy, though I have it much worse. It has been very uncomfortable and I am so ready to have my face back to normal. I have been giving Liam baking soda baths and putting cream on him.

This next week should be fun. We are going to try going to the library tomorrow and then every Wednesday (if naps don't interfere). I want to make sure that he is getting some exposure to other babies.