Saturday, June 15, 2013

50 Weeks old! Its not MRSA!

Today Liam is 50 weeks old (and 3 days) and its been such a crazy week. Saturday we noticed a lump on his side which we attributed to either a mosquito bite or spider bite. By Monday, the "bite" had gotten very red and very hard in the middle. It felt like a pea under the skin. I called his pediatrician who had me outline the redness with a pen. She told me that if the redness got bigger, to bring him in.

By Wednesday the redness had shrunk but it looked very sore. The pediatrician called and asked how it was and when I told her it was still pretty red, she insisted that I bring him in. Once in the office, they confirmed that it was not just a mosquito bite but a small abscess which needed to be drained... immediately. My heart sank. Then they told me that he wasn't able to get any numbing agent because it wouldn't help. All they did was put a cold solution on the wound. I had to hold him down from the top while the doctor and nurse had him from the bottom. They cut open the wound and he screamed. Then they squeeze and the scream that came out of him broke my heart. He was crying, shaking and I was crying. Then it was over. They were able to remove enough from under the skin to send to a lab and I quickly  cuddled and breastfed him, hoping to make him feel somewhat better. I was warned that it was very possible that it could be MRSA and that they were putting him on a dose of antibiotics. I found out today that, thankfully, its not MRSA! Instead its a staph infection and he is to remain on antibiotics for the entire course.

As far as milestones, he is crawling more and building his confidence. This post is backdated and unfortunately, not full of much detail due to a slew of recent events.