Friday, November 9, 2012

Update: Hurricane Sandy and Nor'easter Athena

I has been 11 days since Hurricane Sandy hit. We faired the storm well, only loosing power for about a minute. New Jersey, on the other hand, wasn't as lucky. Our family is currently living in NJ and my mother is still without power. We are hoping it will be restored by Sunday.

Billions of people were affected by the storm, billions of dollars worth of damage, over 100 dead. This storm hit almost exactly on the anniversary of the October 2011 storm, having some people believe that Mother Nature just doesn't like Halloween.

1 week after Hurricane Sandy, a large Nor'easter hit New England, dumping snow and bring strong winds to the area. Again, we lucked out with just 4 inches of snow. With such crazy weather, it makes me thankful that we have a generator, a woodburning stove, and a handy husband.