Friday, October 26, 2012

A repeat of last year? Big Storm on its way

"It's looking like a very serious storm that could be historic,"
 said Jeff Masters, meteorology director of the forecasting service 
Weather Underground."Mother Nature is not
 saying, 'Trick or treat.' It's just going to give tricks."
Last year, around this time, I was celebrating being 6 weeks pregnant (see post here). Also around that time, there was a giant Nor'easter that hit our area. We were without power for days and I was a miserable, nauseous, pregnant woman.

This year, I am so excited to be finally celebrating Halloween.... or will we. On its way is Hurricane Sandy. As of today, she has a 90% chance of hitting the Northeast. They are calling her "Frankenstorm".

Instead of celebrating 6 weeks, we will be celebrating Liams 4 month birthday.  This year, if the storm hits, we are prepared. We have a generator, wood burning stove and plenty of food.