Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What has changed over the last 30 years?

As the days click closer, I think about when my mom had me, when Steves mom had him and all the things that have changed in the past 30 years.

Even when talking to older coworkers, their experiences vary and their beliefs are much different than the newer generation. One coworker in particular recounted her birth story where they put her completely to sleep, and the next day, after coming to, she was handed a clean, washed, dressed and wrapped baby. Not only has childbirth evolved but so has infant care.

Its amazing to think but hospitals are now even offering grandparenting classes for care of newborn babies (see article here). The today show  did a special on the classes (see youtube video here). I thought it would be fun to mention the top things that have changed since I was born.

1. Sleeping position- this is the number one change. It has now been proven that in order to reduce SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome), babies are to sleep on their backs (not their tummies).

2. Crib safety- Cribs with drop down sides, bumpers, and toys in the crib have been banned for safety reasons.

3. Swaddling- From what I have been reading, swaddling wasn't too popular. Today, swaddling has changed and is recommended as a way to sooth your baby.

4. Water/food- When I was a baby, it was common to give your baby water. It was also common to mix baby cereal in with their formula. Now it is now not recommended to give your baby water or solid foods until he/she is 6months old (see article here).

5. Car seat position- car seats are to be put in the middle of the car and are always to be faced backwards till age 2.

6. Breastfeeding- apparently this wasn't very common back 30 years ago but is highly suggested now.