Wednesday, June 13, 2012

38 weeks!

Today I am 38 weeks! Our little boy is 7-7.5 lbs and anywhere between 19-21 inches long (length of a leek). I can't believe that there is 2 weeks left. :) Time has flown by.

This week has been busy with getting the guest room done, the outside beautified and the last minute items before baby arrives. We had this beautiful crab apple tree in our backyard that got split by the October snow storm. We thought it would make it another year but once the apples started to come in, the split got worse and worse. This past weekend, Steve spent a couple of days cutting it down.

For the past 3 weeks I have been trying to get my car seat inspected by the local police department. The officer in charge had a full answering machine, and never returned calls. I finally just went to the station and was able to have him come out and do it right then and there.  At first he was annoyed that I interrupted his day, and I was annoyed with him for not returning my weekly calls. But he ended up being a very down to earth, personable guy. It was much more than in inspection which I was not expecting. He tightened the seat, taught me about what to do in event of a choking (not to take the baby out of the seat but use the seat at your advantage) and many other useful tips.

We got the guest room complete (minus a lamp and side table). The quilt that we ordered came from Amazon from a company called textiles plus. We did have an issue with the fitted sheet (9 inches too short) but I ended up getting fitted sheets from bed bath and beyond.

 Last night we went out to home depot to get supplies for a sprayer for our cloth diapers. We thought it may have been cheaper to get all the supplies on our own rather than order the kit offline. We did save about $10.  The tutorial we used can be found here.

Symptoms: Swelling, swelling, and more swelling. In the morning I feel great, but by the end of the day, I am so swollen that its hard to move, hard to sleep and get comfortable.  Baby is very cramped, has been stretching out and hitting my ribs with his feet. At my last appointment, nothing had changed. I was still 1cm, 50% effaced. I am hoping that they will see some sort of change tomorrow at my appointment tomorrow.