Tuesday, August 13, 2013

13.5 months old! Daycare Update, First hair cut, 3 new molars

Ever write a blog post and it get lost in cyber land? Sorry for the delay. This will be try #2 for an update.

Liam is 13.5 months old and has been doing GREAT at daycare. He started out last Monday and was crying the entire time I was there with him. It made me so nervous to leave him but as the day progressed he had a great time. I didn't  even get a hug when I picked him up.

It is now into the second week and hes both eating and sleeping well. He gets excited to go to daycare but it still apprehensive when I leave. I treasure our mornings together which starts with him waking up any time between 5am and 6am, him cuddling with me with his morning bottle, breakfast, and then us listening to music while we either play with legos or "fold laundry" (which is really just Liam bunching clothes up in his lap or throwing them over the baby gate).

Our "new diet" has been going well and I did write a new blog post on it. This, too, got lost and so in due time I will write again about all the food choices we have changed to, as well as my new shopping routine and cooking strategies. But in short summary, we are eating well and I found a great new store: Trader Joes.

Liams lead levels came back and they are down another point! He now at a 9 (Steve's excellent post on our lead ordeal). As instructed, we are giving him fresh fruits and veggies along with a vitamin supplement with iron. I told his pediatrician that the vitamin was staining his teeth and we were instructed to brush right after he takes it. He loves his new Thomas tooth brush and once he starts his new daycare (September 30th), they will be brushing his teeth after lunch as well. (***Quick update on teeth... I just realized this morning that my little man has 3 more molars that have popped though! That makes the teeth count 11!)

My health is so much better and my nephrologist is thrilled. He says that I am a perfect patient and doesn't want to see me for another 3 weeks. I don't even have to have blood taken for another two weeks. My creatinine went down to one (normal range), and my blood protein is steadily increasing. I still have protein spilling out of the kidneys but he said that will be last thing that will resolve itself. I am also able to take less medication (1500 mg of cellcept, and 30mg of prednisone, half of what I was originally on when I started my medication). The only real complaint I have (besides the tremors, headaches, mood swings and palpatations) is that I have lost a ton of weight. I am down to 106lbs (from 135 I was when I was in the ER in June). He was not concerned and said that it was the prednisone that has increased my metabolic rate. I see my rheumatologist for the first time tomorrow and hopefully all goes well with that visit. I think the only real headache that I am dealing with is the insurance, which I feel I am on the phone to every day.

Work starts up again in two weeks and I am frantically trying to get everything done. We had a small issue with our garden (found an infestation of black nightshade growing by our house) but we are working to resolve that (See Steve's Blog Post). Liam got his first hair cut on Sunday and he now looks like a little boy (and not a little baby anymore).

Cloth Diapers: I finally found a good washing routine for our new washer! Before it was taking me HOURS to get them clean but now I have cut an entire hour off of the total time. Our machine is definitely a learning curve but what I have read, it is important to do a long pre-rinse cycle BEFORE you add the soap. This will ensure no ammonia buildup and no stinky diapers.

Cute moments: He has become very snuggley over the past two weeks, constantly climbing into my lap and sitting while we look at a book or toy. He "cleans off bubbles" in the bathtub if they are on his book and wiping and dipping his hand back into the bathwater until all the bubbles are gone. He even walks up to me, grabs my hand, and leads my around the room. He's growing up so fast but I am loving every new discovery he is making.

That is all for now. I am exhausted. Sorry for the short post. My posts will be getting less frequent as work approaches. I will probably start doing biweekly/monthly updates, unless something inspires me to write.

I will leave you all with a cute video of Liam walking around the park with Daddy.