Friday, February 8, 2013

Raising Chickens

Ever since I was a little girl, I have wanted to raise chickens. My mom even drove me out to a farmers market when I was little to see if we could get a couple of chicks. We ended up in a small little town for lunch and asked a waitress if she knew of anyone who was selling baby chicks. She directed us to a farm up the road. My mother, determined to make her little girl happy, drove up to the farm, up the long tree covered driveway and knocked on the door of a complete stranger. This stranger happened to be English (as is my entire family) and they hit it off. Unfortunately we never did get those chickens. My mom, however, did become close friends with them and I spent many of my summers on their farm. They had chickens, horses, a pond and 40 acres of land. I really think it shaped who I am today.

Our backyard when we first moved in
Fast-forward 15+ years and my husband and I have decided that we want to raise chickens. We don't own a farm or anything even close to a farm. But we do have 1/2 an acre of mostly open land. We plan to fence in the back yard, and build a coup. I am doing my part and reading up on what we need, what breeds are best and how to take care of them. We have a lot of work ahead of us but I am excited. I think that Liam is going to love raising chickens. We will let him help us feed them and gather eggs but we do NOT plan on eating the chickens.

So a rough time frame:

Spring: Look into different breeds. Start getting everything ready for the fence. Once the ground thaws, we plan to put up the fence.

Summer: We hope to have the coup built by summer to put our chickens in. I think for the first year we will get young chickens but not chicks. From my understanding, chicks take a lot of time and care which I would not have time for until after May (by which it may be too late to raise chicks).

I will keep you all updated on our plans as they develop.