Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Naps, Santa, approaching 6 months

Today Liam is 25 weeks old (5 months 3 weeks old). This past weekend he went and saw Santa for the first time. This was a good experience except that he became very over stimulated, very tired and therefore did not smile.

We are still working on the sleep training. Some nights are great and I can get him asleep without crying by 6pm. Other nights, he is screaming for a while before he will go to sleep. He still wakes in the night. I try to cut out night feedings but he is genuinely hungry and nothing I do will stop him from wanting to nurse. It has gotten better (from 2 hours to three). Now if only I could sleep train my cat (who decides at 4am to start meowing at the top of his lungs). Even as I type, Liam is trying to nap, and Oliver is walking around the house meowing.

After I can establish great naps and bedtime, I am going to have to tackle the paci. He LOVES his paci but I do tend to go in to his room to pop back in the paci to make him sleep longer. I know this is NOT a good habit to start. 1 weeks till Christmas!

**edited to add that his new thing recently is screaming. He has found his voice and he loves to use it. It can be quite cute but not at 5am when he should be sleeping.