Friday, November 30, 2012

5 Months! Teeth, rolling, sleep training and Mama!

Tummy time with Mr. Cow
Today our little one is 5 months (and 3 days) old. He has had so many milestones in the past couple of days.

5 months on the dot, we noticed that two front bottom teeth had popped through (those little buggers are SHARP). Then a day later I heard what I thought was Mama... then my husband heard it too. We grabbed my phone and recorded him saying it! Now it seems to be part of his vocabulary of baby jargon.

All dressed up for picture day at daycare.
Within the same video, he also rolled over! This was the first time my husband had seen him roll and my third time seeing him do it.  Now, we thought, we are going to sleep train him. He is 5 months and at the age that he should be putting himself to sleep. Tonight didn't go so well. He cried for 90 mins. He was sweating, he had spat up and he was a mess. We decided to read up on it a little more and try again tomorrow. We put him in his swing... two minutes later, he was out cold. I know that putting him in his swing was against sleep training but baby steps... right?

Two days ago was a sad day at daycare. My favorite person at daycare decided to quit and go back to college full time. Now our son has to deal with the crabby woman who doesn't believe in breastfeeding nor does she believe in cloth diapers. I had brought up the fact that we will be cloth diapering after the new year and asked what we needed to bring in. She looked at me and said "What are you trying to do, save the world?". The nerve of some people. I just smiled and said that I was going to give it a go and that I was pretty optimistic. I was not going to give in to her negativity.

So as you read we ARE doing cloth diapering. Well, at least we will be shortly. On black friday/cyber monday I went and bought 14 cloth diapers (giving me a total of 16 diapers). The first sale was buy 4 fuzzibuns, get 2 free plus 1 free bumgenius. I then bought 7 more bumgenius and a wetbag. Once my fluffy mail comes in, I will post all the colors and styles (velco vs. snaps).

Something else that we have also decided is that we are going to wait till he is 6 months (at least) to try solid food. There has been a lot of research on waiting and I want to make sure his digestive system is all developed. Waiting till at least 6 months is recommended by the wold health organization as well as the american academy of pediatrics (and many others). Some (ok.. not just some.. many) say that giving him solids (i.e. cereal) will help him sleep through the night. There is no proof.  Plus, we have also decided NOT to give him rice cereal for two main reasons: arsenic and its not healthy. When we do decide to start him on solids, it will be veggies and fruit. Can't wait! I plan to make my own baby food and freeze them in ice cube trays.

That's all for now. Hopefully my next post will be on his successful sleep training :)