Saturday, July 13, 2013

Weaning Hell: Cabbage Anyone? **UPDATED**

Today marks 18 days that I have not breastfed Liam and 11 days since pumping. It hurts. Still. When I first talked to the nurse, she told me to bind my breasts real tight and that things will calm down in a couple of days. I was so afraid of getting mastitis that I just pumped a little till I thought I didn't need to pump anymore. Then I didn't pump for days and days. Three days ago, my breasts were still hard as rocks, and so again I called the nurse. Again, she told me to bind my breasts, put on ice packs and wait 48 hours. Fast forward to today and I am still in pain. I just keep asking myself when will I get my body back! All day yesterday I sported a cabbage bra to reduce the engorgement and today I am doing a little better without it. I am not sure why the cabbage works, but it made things bearable yesterday (although I didn't smell very nice).

Liam is doing well on the sippy cup and we have completely moved away from a bottle. He still drinks quite a bit (4oz, 4 times a day and 5 oz over night). We are doing a 50/50 mix during the day and 100% cows milk at night. Starting Monday, we will drop down to 25/75 and eventually to 100%. When he is hungry, he still lunges at my breasts. This time, however, he doesn't have a crying fit when I hand him a sippy. We will eventually wean him off of the night feeds but for now, it works for us (with everything else going on). 

A funny side story: My cousin works in the neonatal unit in England and had a mom suffering from engorgement. Her and her staff advised her about the wonders of cabbage and engorgement. Somehow there was a miss communication and the woman came back a week later, still very engorged and complained the cabbage was not working. "I have been eating it three times a day for a week now and all it has done has been giving me really bad gas". Needless to say, you are going to see results wearing the cabbage as apposed to eating it.

Update: Today (7/20/13) marks 25 days post weaning, and 18 post pumping. My poor breasts have healed, if you call it that. They are no longer engorged however, they will never be the same. C'est la Vie. The price you pay for being a mom. I am just happy to be able to wear a regular bra again.