Wednesday, February 27, 2013

8 months old! Front teeth, cold, rejection, constipation, new food

Today Liam is 8 months old!!! We have had a a busy couple of weeks. Two weeks ago we traveled down to see the Grandparents. This went well except that the day after Liam and I got very sick. He had a green runny nose and cough. I had the same but while he got better, mine got worse. I had the worst sinus infection that I have ever had.

After having my teeth hurt, fever, and intense temple pain, I decided, reluctantly,  to head to the doctor on Sunday (1 week later). She was weary of prescribing an antibiotic and so I got a nasal spray instead. I am feeling better but now Liams got the runny nose back again (thanks daycare!) and so I am sure we will redue the cycle over again.

Teeth: Huston, we have front teeth! They broke through Feburary 18 (Monday). Over a week later and they are these little white (sharp) nubs. How does this affect nursing? Well I won't lie... he has nipped me a couple of times. But I either take him off, put him down and walk away, or flick him gently in the nose.

Breastfeeding/Pumping: He is doing well however my supply is going up and down. I am lucky if I pump the same amount that he is eating at daycare. I have a feeling that it something to do with the cone size so I plan to change that today to see if I can notice a difference. (UPDATE: NOT THE CONE SIZE. I tried a small cone size and got LESS milk.) He still nurses multiple times at night but currently I am not fazed. Its keeping my supply up, him quiet, and he is getting both nutrients and antibodies.

Solids: He tried chicken for the first time last night which went well. The chicken was a beachnut store bought due to 1- our blender broke and 2- I wanted to see the consistency. Tonight it was peas with organic olive oil. It was his first "finger food" which didn't really go well as a finger food. He kept opening his mouth like a little bird, waiting for the peas to jump into his mouth. A few made it in (with the help from Mommy) and he loved them. I am having to give our little man prunes every day to ensure that he is pooping. From process of elimination, I have deduced that Squash is the culprit for constipation. I am going to hold off on giving him any form of squash for a month and see how he does. Our next goal is to get him to eat breakfast. I think this will probably start in about two weeks and I will either start him on a fruit or possibly egg yoke as I am still nervous about the oatmeal and he is still dairy-free.

Sleeping: This should read "lack of". We have done a 180 with the sleep and I am blaming daycare. He gets 1 nap at daycare.... maybe two and they are about 25-30 minutes. My boy, at home, can sleep for 1-2 hours. When he comes home, hes always so tired. I nurse him and he typically will fall asleep. If I wake him up (usually to put him in a new diaper or bedtime clothes) he is a cranky, screaming mess. He is also waking up more at night but due my supply being what it is, I am letting him nurse. Oh well.

Other behaviors: He has developed more of a personality. When he doesn't want a toy, he has learned to "reject the toy" by throwing it aside. He puts his arms up when he wants to be picked up and he will throw his body sideways when he wants to be put down or rocked on his side. He is also sleeping on his side. Alas, he is still not crawling but more of just moving in circles and sometimes backwards. He is also giving hugs and kisses. His kisses are wet, with his mouth gaping open. Super cute.