Tuesday, January 3, 2012

15 Weeks Tomorrow!

This week (tomorrow) I am 15 weeks pregnant! 10 weeks ago the baby was the size of an apple seed... 10 weeks later and now the baby is the size of the actual apple. Baby is 4 inches long and weighs about 2.5 ounces. The baby's eyes are still shut but it can sense light. If I were to shine a flashlight on my tummy, baby would move away from it.

I haven't felt baby kick yet... but I am not sure. I thought I may have felt something the other day, which was like a tap tap tap but it could have been a gas bubble. I can't wait to feel the constant kicking.

Nothing new with symptoms this week. I have been emotional but no more than usual. Still eating eggs but not a frequent and I am trying to eat fish twice a week. My new "craving" this week is avocado and fresh mozzarella on either white bread or multigrain tostitos. All morning sickness has gone. I did have some aching/cramping the other day while at Lowes but I think it was me just growing. I used the doppler the other day and could hear baby tapping/kicking at it. It was really cute. We did a big clean at the house and bought a Dyson to vacuum up all the dust. We sold my car and are dropping it off tonight. I am thrilled to see it go because it was more stress than what we need right now.

This friday I am seeing my sister, brother-in-law and nephew out in AZ and I can't wait! She keeps teasing me about rubbing my budha belly.  I haven't seen them since May and probably wont be able to fly out there again for a while. The last time we were there was Thanksgiving '08.

I said that I would write a separate post about the daycare we picked  but I will just include it in this one. The place is called The Learning Experience and its about 10 mins away from the home. They gave us a discounted rate due to my hours and they are clean! We looked at about 7 different daycares. Some were private, others were corporate but most were dirty and not what we were looking for. We wanted something secure, clean, and flexible about cloth diapers and taking baby out during the summer (saving us a ton of money). This place was all of the above and with the discount, only slightly above our budgeted amount. We paid the deposit and they gave us a bunch of paperwork to have filled out by May.

Our next plan for the house is to get a wood burning stove. We are going threw the liquid gold (aka oil) way too fast and expenses are adding up. We are hoping to get the stove installed by Feburary. I am hoping that this winter is not as bad as last winter. We are keeping our house at 60 degrees but the oil not only heats the house, it also heats the hot water. Can't wait till spring!!!